Receiver Buffer - Old Style

Receiver Buffer - Old Style


***NOTE - Shock absorber/buffer production is temporarily haulted due to a nationwide material shortage - 6/8/2021


Polyurethane replacement buffer for your older receiver SPAS 12's!  Now available in blaze orange so you can see your buffer without having to disassemble your SPAS 12 or LAW 12!

  • About the New Style Buffer

    These old-style receiver buffers are incredible.  Made of high-impact polyurethane built to withstand thousands and thousands of rounds of abuse in your SPAS 12.  No modification required, these drop-in replacements can be installed in about a minute with no special tools at all.  Simply pop out your old buffer (if you're lucky enough to even have one) and these lock into place with a solid *pop*.  This is a better alternative to the old "screw-in" replacements found on auction sites which required you to drill into your receiver, ultimately weakening the area of the receiver they were designed to protect.

    *NEW* You asked, the Project delivered!  All SPAS 12 Project receiver buffers are now blaze orange allowing you to see your buffer without disassembling your SPAS 12! 
    (Don't know what receiver you have?  CLICK HERE!)

    As with all orders from the SPAS 12 Project, spare O-rings for your SPAS 12 are included with every purchase.  And shipping is free!