Folding Stock Shock Absorber

Folding Stock Shock Absorber

Protect your folding stock and reduce felt recoil. Comes with new e-clips!
  • About the Folding Stock Shock Absorber

    A replacement folding stock for your SPAS 12 can run anywhere from $500 - $600 and more.   Firing without a shock absorber causes the detent button on the stock to repeatedly crash in to the tail-section of your folding stock, egging-out and eventually cracking it.  These shock absorbers were developed from the ground up using a very dense high-impact polyurethane to greatly dampen recoil and protect it.



    Also includes a new set of e-clips to replace your aged factory clips, ensuring your new folding stock shock absorber stays put.

    **Yours will have a few air visible air bubbles at the top as seen in the picture, this is a normal part of using this high-durometer polyurethane but is strictly cosmetic**