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Happy Birthday!

Well we made it one year! In that time we have brought countless Franchi SPAS 12's back from the dead. I'm ever grateful for all the messages and kind words I've received this last year, you guys keep me doing this. To say thanks for this last year I had a close friend offer up some SPAS-12-shaped bottle openers that I will throw in with the next 25 orders that are placed. So if you need an extra bumper (or your first replacement) or a shock absorber, you'll also wind up with a nifty way to crack your favorite...soda. Hooks are coming very soon, and I'm also working with some guys to see about offering a refinishing service for those that have pretty non-existent phosphate coatings on parts. Grip plugs are also hopefully coming within the next few months. I really want to express my gratitude to everyone involved, there was a time when I thought the project wouldn't be around very long, but if this last year is any sign we'll be rejuvenating dino-blasters for a long time to come. Thank you!

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