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A collection of submitted articles for your reading enjoyment.  Some very interesting pieces here, do yourself a favor and sit back and enjoy the nostalgia.
Click the covers to access the full articles.

Article Archive

Diana ARMI, Jan. 1980

"Franchi SPAS 11"
Written by Giovanni Rosi
Translation by The SPAS 12 Project

Hired Guns 2/3/1987

Interview with Pat Squire of FIE
Written by Sid Kircheimer

Guns & Ammo, March 1983

The Formidable SPAS 12 Shotgun
Written by Art Blatt

Gun World 1983

Franchi SPAS 12
Written by Roger Combs

Cibles, Nov 1983

Written by Jean Huon
(Article in French)

Guns Magazine, May 1988

Written by Jim Thompson

Banned Guns! 1994

Written by Alan Paige

The Pictorial ID of Infantry Support Weapons

By Masami Tokoi
(Article Currently in Chinese)

Cibles #212, Nov 1987

By Peter Tanner
(Article comparing SPAS 15 to Benelli M3)

Small Arms: 1914 to Present

Written by Chris McNabb
Metro Publishing, 2014

Action Guns


Article currently in French, translation in the works!

American Survival Guide


LAW 12 article, but stills several good comparisons to the SPAS 12!

Soldier of Fortune


One of the best articles on the site if you're a fan of the SPAS 12's Hollywood history!

Special Weapons

Fall 2003

A comparison more centered around the Benelli M3, but good info on the SPAS 12 and SPAS 15 as well

Survival Guide


One of the earliest overviews of the SPAS 12!



An early thorough look at the SPAS 12!

Survival Weapons and Tactics


Testing the SPAS 12
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