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Big Update 2014

Hey guys! First let me apologize for the almost "vaporware" status of the folding stock shock-absorbers. They've suffered several delays in both manufacturing as well as then being delayed by my day job. All issues have now been solved. Before I get to the shock absorbers, I also want to point you in the direction of a little new content. I found this awesome article from a Gun World magazine from May of 1983 and thought you all might appreciate giving it a read. It's interesting reading about people's take on the SPAS 12 before anyone knew really anything about what it's future would hold. The article ends with the author stating that he imagines you'll be seeing them racked in many police cars. While I have been contacted by a couple US SWAT guys that used the SPAS 12, I think "many" turned out to be a stretch. The article mentions champion shooter John Shaw and that he was able to put the SPAS through it's paces at a LA Police show. I'm going to see if I can contact him and maybe get a couple remarks of his memories of that event, I think it could be pretty interesting to hear what he has to say. I'm very curious to see if his recollection of firing so many round through his mirrors the NAVY tests where they reportedly fired thousands upon thousands of rounds in 24 hours without a single failure. There's also a new advertisement I found in the same magazine that I've listed under advertisements. Nothing terribly exciting, but I like finding them. More after the break!

On to the Shock Absorbers

So the shock absorbers are finally here. I'm only going to allow the store to sell as many as are currently *actually* in inventory to avoid any potential problems, and that number should be updated once a week as I get them. If you miss out this time, wait a few days and I should have more. I may try and put a mailing list together for those who wish to be updated when I get more in on a weekly basis. I'm going to make a video here this week about how to install them and why they're far superior than the factory offering, as well as why they're even further superior to anything that's been offered before. They're also less expensive than anything that's been offered before... If your SPAS 12 is equipped with a folding stock you probably already know it's one of, if not *the* most valuable part on your shotgun. Replacement folding stocks can go from between $500-600 and sometimes higher. The SPAS 12 Project folding stock shock absorbers have been designed from the ground up to *actually protect* your folding stock and reduce felt recoil, protecting the value of your SPAS 12 by greatly dampening the "crashing" effect that takes place between your folding stock pieces when fired with a worn-out, dilapidated, or unfit shock absorber. It's also sized appropriately so the "tail" of the folding stock will be held firmly in place and not rattle around. Thanks for being so patient with these, they suffered far too many hiccups but I'm proud to say that they're turning out great and will help ensure you can keep your SPAS functioning for years to come. Now GET IT OUT TO THE RANGE AND LET SOME PEOPLE EXPERIENCE IT!

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