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One of the cornerstone ideas behind starting the SPAS 12 Project was that we wanted parts to be available for your SPAS the day you bring it home - and this will ALWAYS be the case when it comes to essential parts needed to get you out to the range. Buffers, shock absorbers, and o-rings will NEVER be out of stock so you can get your SPAS out and fire safely as soon as possible.

As we've grown to offer a more diverse selection of parts, namely the Gen 3.0 Hooks, Magazine Tubes, and Enhanced Sling Mount Kits, these parts take quite a bit more production power and as such are more subject to production constraints. We've experimented over the last year with offering preorders to those who wanted to write in and request one, and we're happy to report it's been a success. We've been very close on our projection times and have had absolutely zero dissatisfied customers in that time.

It is with that note that we are excited to open up preorders to be easily placed directly through the website under the new "Preorders" section. These are items that typically sell out quickly, and we then get lovingly bombarded with emails asking about when they will be back. Preordering is the only way to guarantee you will receive these items - any stock leftover after filling preorders will then be put on the website.

We hope this will allow us to easier serve everyone and keep everybody's SPAS up, running, and awesome. Thank you for your continued support!

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