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SPAS 12 Project Store Back...ish

I've just added some items back to the online store, not a ton but enough that I can keep up with.

I'd like to provide an explanation as to the year-long hiatus and the way things will have to work moving forward.

#1 - I love the SPAS 12, and have since I was a kid. It's been a dream of mine to have this project. I am eternally grateful to those who have helped make it happen and supported it either through content, parts, or even well-wishes.

#2 - I do not ever like taking money for products I cannot ship immediately. Because of this belief, the reputation of this site cannot be tarnished by any accusations of misconduct and I intend to keep it that way. That said, it appears that my operating under such a belief has upset just as many folks, and I have received messages and emails degrading me and my character because people can't buy parts for their guns.

Once I saw that I was getting too overwhelmed in my personal and professional life to get parts out in a timely manner, something had to give. I have a family to support and children to raise, on top of a great career that has it's own time demands. My only option was to shut the store down, but leave the informational portions of the site up for people to continue to enjoy. If for some reason you feel this was a personal sleight to you, please seek help. To everyone who understands that this is the SPAS 12 Project and not the SPAS 12 Retirement Plan, I appreciate your understanding and wish you nothing but the best.

#3 - All inventory on the site is now going to be tracked, and only able to be purchased if that item is made and literally sitting on my shelf ready to ship. This will realistically cause delays. I am trying to implement an in-stock notification system that will alert you by email when something you want is available. It's always going to be first-come first-serve.

#4 - I would love to speak with anyone interested in purchasing the web store. It would be a fantastic source of extra income for any gun shop or small business owner. My main focus was always to create content for this page, the web store was an afterthought, but the demand exploded and all my Project time was dedicated to making parts and shipping orders. Recent (and coming) YouTube videos from big names in that space have only exacerbated this. I'd love to get back to creating content for the page. If this is something you'd like to *SERIOUSLY* discuss, please contact me through this form.

Thank you to everyone <3


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