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The Man with the Golden SPAS

Last week we posted to Facebook and Instagram about a shop called Cedar Mill Fine Firearms who had their fixed-stock SPAS coated in a bright gold finish called Titanium Nitride, and the post was extremely popular.

The work was done by the fine folks at Titanium Gun and you can find the entire set of photos here on Cedar Mills Facebook page.

Aside from the obvious bright gold color, the coating has natural lubricating properties as well as is extremely scratch resistant. You have probably seen titanium nitride finish used on firearms in the 3-gun realm, as it's an extremely popular bolt and bcg coating on AR15's as well as on shotgun actions and pistol barrels.

Very beautiful gun, we always love to see folks trying something new with the SPAS, especially when the results look this good. Great job Cedar Mill and Titanium Gun!

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