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The Luigi Franchi SPAS 11 Update

Couldn't be more thrilled to bring this update as it has been some time in the making. First: Check out this issue of the Italian shooting magazine Diana-ARMI featuring pictures of TWO variants of the SPAS 11. The article has been translated to the best of our ability into English and the entire translated article can be downloaded. Second: We were contacted by an acquaintance of Franchi's Technical Manager in Italy responsible for production of the SPAS 12 and he agreed to relay a short list of questions which he was kind enough to answer. Third: An original SPAS 12 Project article "The Development of the SPAS 12" is now available for your enjoyment. Featured in this article is a history of the know SPAS variants leading up to the production SPAS 12. This article has some never-before-seen videos, pictures, and information regarding grip safeties, swivel drums, and more. You don't want to miss it!

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