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Nationwide Materials Shortage

I just received word that due to the Ice Storms this year in Texas, there is now a material shortage (like everything else on earth, apparently) of the specialized urethane used for SPAS 12 parts - the buffers and shock absorbers specifically. I chose the polyurethane I selected very specifically and is still the only material I would use to protect my person SPAS 12's.

The facility estimated being back up and running this year, obviously everyone is hoping for sooner rather than later. However, I do not like accepting orders/money for parts that I can't make so I am currently pausing sale of buffers and shock absorbers - the two staple items of the SPAS 12 Project store for the last 8 years.

I am frantically searching for more material and will update everyone as the situation continues.

In the mean time, I have place a 15% off sale on many items including folding stock hooks as my apologies and the increase in wait times for folks to get their SPAS 12's back up and running safely.


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