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New SPAS 12 Instructional Video and Update

Here's a new video that will be added to the INFO section of the website. I get plenty of emails from folks who just bought a SPAS and have no idea how the controls work. This coupled with all the information that the SPAS is "too complicated" prompted me to want to shoot a video to clarify what it takes to chamber and fire a round with the SPAS. Personally I think the whole "they're too complicated" can be lumped in with "AR's are unreliable" and "AK's are inaccurate" phrases you'd expect to hear from your local know-it-all at the gun shop. Yes, it's not as simple as a VEPR 12, but that doesn't mean it's a Rubik's Cube. Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy it. For those that aren't aware, the SPAS 12 was added to Noble Empire's "Gun Disassembly" and seems to be pretty successful for them. That was made possible by everyone involved in the project. Everyone who has sent in pictures and video of their guns were of great value to the developers. So if you sent pictures in, who knows, maybe a part of *your* exact gun was used in the making of the model for the game! I have a couple fund-raising ideas in the works. The shock absorbers and bumpers were all pretty small parts, however now that they're done the requests are pouring in for things like hooks, choke adapters, safety-fixes, etc. and while I would love nothing more than to be able to provide those, they're all a little salty in comparison. So be on the lookout within the next couple weeks for some cool stuff in the STORE. I'm working on a photo gallery as I type this, I have enough pictures amassed from other SPAS 12 owners to justify some cool pictures of them. A few SWAT guys, some customized shotguns, and other cool SPAS picture will be available for your viewing pleasure very shortly. It will just be it's own tab up top. That's it guys! Chugging right along in 2014!

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