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Scope Mounts and Combat Bolt Releases

Now available in the online store: Scope Mounts and Combat Bolt Releases The Scope Mounts are something we've been working on for a very long time. Given the popularity of optic use in the SPAS 12's video game appearances, as well as their massive appeal to collectors, there were many requests for the scope mounts to be remade. The rub is that the original company that made them denies having any involvement with the mounts (despite their name being stamped into some of them) and had no interest in remaking them for SPAS collectors. Making such a small run from scratch was going to be too cost prohibitive. Luckily we were approached with a small batch of blanks that had been found and were able to process into scope mounts for the SPAS and LAW. We also made an improvement where the rail will now sit more directly in line with the bore axis than the original mounts, which sat much more noticeably off to one side. The Combat Bolt Releases were made using a small stash of actual Franchi bolt release buttons and were finished with a thread pitch that is exactly the same as the originals. This also allows us to offer replacement buttons for those of you (and there are many) who have written in that their mushroom button has been lost. Both the Scope Mounts and Combat Bolt Releases are also available in a pack together to save a little more. Given that the bolt release assemblies and scope mounts were both made using stashes of factory parts, their production numbers will be limited. We're very excited to bring these parts back, and there are still a few new parts in the works yet for this year so stay tuned. Also, sign up for the mailing list if you haven't already!

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