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Thanks Reddit!

Well it got pretty busy around here this weekend and some massive strides were made for the SPAS 12 project, and that should hopefully mean even more hope for SPAS 12 owners. I made a post to the guns subreddit on about the project and how I'm trying to get more people out shooting their SPAS 12's. The project and the SPAS 12 seemed to be well accepted and I'm happy to say some fantastic news has come out of it. Aside from all the awesome compliments and professing of love for the SPAS 12 I was contacted by a couple Reddit users who have been nice enough to volunteer some of their pieces including an old-style buffer! The second it arrives I will be sending it off to our buffer shop to have an old-style replacement engineered and will hopefully have it up and running by the end of the month! In other news, my initial order of firing pins is still on it's way. I live in Indiana and the pins were coming from Florida - easy, right? Well the lovely USPS has seemed to feel it necessary to reroute the package through Boston, MA and then Nashua, NH. Ah well, good things come to those who wait! The first run of new-style buffers will be here next week also! Just as soon as I get the pieces in they will go directly into the store and I'll make an update that the store is open. It's been an amazing week for the SPAS 12 project, and more is still on the way! Stay tuned SPAS fans, and THANKS REDDIT!

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