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Good News, Everyone!

Despite being an extremely busy week, some great strides were made for the project. First of all, I want to make notice that this week was the first time the free O-rings were utilized by a SPAS-12.COM visitor! I'm not kidding, if you want free O-rings for your SPAS 12, I will send them to you. At no cost. Hopefully forever. Second, I have two pretty big announcements scheduled for next week. There are some big things coming the way of the SPAS 12 project, things I didn't plan on tackling for quite some time. I'm not going to give those plans away just yet, but I *will* say that the first run of trial "new-style" buffers should be at my door next week, as well as the first shots (pictures) of them, as well as the first shots (shells) with them! *I STILL NEED A LENDER FOR AN OLD-STYLE BUFFER!* Stay tuned, SPAS 12 fans!

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