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I'm On Pins and Needles

Hey. You. Do you know what that is? That picture there, just to the left? That's a stainless steel firing pin for a SPAS 12 made by the same people who make firing pins for Wilson Combat. And guess what else? THEY'RE ON THEIR WAY HERE! This is pretty major news for SPAS 12 owners. One of the more commonly broken pieces after hard use is the firing pin and now you can have an easy backup. Or a backup for your backup. There's that old saying that two is one and one is none, right? I spoke with the owner of Custom Instruments, the awesome folks providing us with these pins, and he'd made mention that soon we'll also have the possibility of getting them in titanium! I'm extremely excited about this. A few weeks ago I'd purchased (at no small cost) an extra lot of SPAS parts literally just for the firing pin and extractor so I could send some out to shop around at machinists willing to tackle a run of them for the project, and to be honest I figured that would be *months* out from now. Luckily opportunity (and Custom Instruments Tactical) came knocking and I happily answered. As soon as I get them (hopefully before the weekend) they will go up in the store. The best part? The price. How's $25 sound? Dead serious.

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