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Firing Pin Install - Easy As Pie!

Quite literally minutes before the rough weather ransacked Indiana I grabbed the SPAS and took it outside to show off the new firing pins! Check out the video! I measured each and every one of these little guys with a caliper and they matched up flawlessly with both my factory pins so I wasn't really expecting any surprises. While that may be bad news for keeping this post interesting, it's great news for anyone who has a SPAS 12 with a busted firing pin.I just fired off a full magazine tube of Estate 1 1/4 oz #5 before the INSANE wind and rain started to overtake us (the camera did a nice job of lightening the shot, but it was pretty rough out there) so while it definitely wasn't a "hard use" test, you can see it didn't have any hiccups handling 8 rounds in rapid succession. Installing one of these pins is a cakewalk. Like a great many bolts and breech-blocks you simply remove a single retaining pin and the pin slides right out. Definitely be careful removing the pins as they are on a spring and *can* shoot out and fly across a room, so keep your hands on it. Nothing is more annoying than trying to assemble things (AR lowers, anyone?) and springs and pins won't stay put. These pins turned out flawlessly, and a few are already on their way out across the country to bring some joy back to a few fellow SPAS 12 owners whose pins had failed under use. Chalk up another victory for the project! Stay tuned for more!

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