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A Little Slice of SPAS History

No, that isn't a SPAS 12 on the cover of this May, 1988 issue of "Guns" magazine, but there is an awesome article about the SPAS 12 as well as the SAS and LAW 12 inside, now viewable in the Info section! The review of the "Franchi Combat Shotgun Trio" written by Jim Thompson is an excellent testament to these striking shotguns. Not only does he do a fantastic job describing the functions of the SPAS 12, but his description of the aesthetics are pretty hard to beat. "SPAS 12 looks like it ought to spew out demons and the plague," is arguably the greatest line ever written about this shotgun, reading it certainly put a grin on my face. Definitely check out the article, it's worth a read and an interesting snapshot in time of the impact these guns were having around the late 80's. I'll take this opportunity to point your attention to some slight reformatting here at the SPAS 12 project. There's now an INFO section where I will begin to host SPAS 12 and related information both from myself and submitted by you readers, free for everyone to enjoy!

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