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New Stuff On The Way

Some great new content has been flooding in lately! There are some awesome new (to us!) ads posted in the info section, as well as some great new write-ups courtesy of superstar members of the project Cole C. and Zach G.! I'll keep this short and sweet on the update front: Thanks to Reddit user (and SPAS 12 Project Hero) Alexander H, we have RECEIVED AN OLD STYLE BUFFER! It's currently on it's way to Tennessee to be used as a building block to create new parts for the project! Thank you so much, Alexander! There are still more great additions to come as I'm speaking regularly with contributors about awesome new information for the site, and they've got some really good ideas that will be implemented very soon! So lurk around the info section, take a look at some great new content, and keep checking back for more! Have something awesome you don't see on here? Send it in! I'd love to host it up here for everyone to enjoy! Just drop me a line at!

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