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SPAS 12's Now In 3D!

This Christmas a family member became the proud owner of a new Makerbot 2x 3D printer. The awesome news is he's been so kind as to allow me free use of it when I provide the materials! What kind of materials? Well you'll be happy to know that the Makerbot 2x can print ABS plastic (nice and durable) and I just so happened to have a pound of the stuff on order. I'm planning on drafting up replacement grip inserts as well as sling mounts that some of us were unfortunate enough to lose or break in the past, with few options for replacement until now! This also opens up some cool possibilities for other custom pieces as well (light mounts, etc.) Stay tuned! If any of you guys have more experience than I with this type of technology, feel free to draft up something SPAS 12 related and I'll happily print it!

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