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The SPAS 12 Now in 3D...Again!

Over the past few weeks I've had the good fortune to be working with the dev team over at Noble Empire on their Apple/Android/PC app called "Gun Disassembly". The purpose of Gun Disassembly is exactly what it sounds like. You get 3D model of a gun and you can take it apart and put it back together, or fire it, with staggering amounts of detail and realism. If that's not your fancy you can also see the guns function in several X-ray modes as well as slow motion! It's kind of like a tinkerer's dream app and is great for those of us that love knowing what makes things tick. Anyway the Noble Empire team sought out to put a SPAS 12 in their app and they asked for my help and I excitedly agreed. I've sent dozens and dozens of pictures and made a ton of videos to make sure that the SPAS 12 has as much realistic detail as possible. It's still a work in progress, and they haven't given a tentative date on it's release yet but just be on the lookout! Check out their website at Stay tuned guys!

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