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Determining Your SPAS 12 Receiver Style

Got a little free time to make a video I've wanted to make for a long time. This video will describe a little bit about quick field-stripping of your SPAS 12 and determining which style (new or old) receiver you have so you can know which style of receiver buffer you need. Sorry this one isn't in HD, but I feel like it's still high enough resolution to follow what's going on. In other news, I had a small setback with the folding stock recoil buffers which sucks. First the mold that was made leaked, and once I had that fixed and made a trial buffer. When I went to remove the trial buffer from the mold, the mold broke. Unfortunately this will add a little time to the release of the folding stock buffers, but the good news is the material of the buffers themselves seems perfect, just need to fine-tune the molding process of them. Stay tuned, as always, more to come soon.

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