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First, thanks Pi/k/asso for the neato pic. Alright, these folding stock shock absorbers are killing me. I know you guys are waiting for them, and I promise: I will get these buffers one way or another. Guaranteed. I'm about one more mishap away from sending them out and having them made out-of-house. I love this 3D printer but it's causing some pretty big headaches with these molds. Each attempt at these buffers takes 16 hours *after* the mold has been printed, which is about another 16 hours, and several have been made so far. The first mold leaked. Everywhere. Nothing like waking up in the morning to black polyurethane spilled all over your workbench. The second mold leaked, but much less. However, just when I thought success was on the horizon that mold broke when trying to remove the buffers. I'm currently trying one last option with these before I just send the master one out to another shop and have them mess with it. I'm not going to bore anyone with my life story, but finding spare time is getting trickier than normal. That said, all orders are still going out within something like 72 hours of being placed, and to all corners of the globe now! I'm also planning a new video soon, hopefully a good one. Since I've owned my SPAS 12 I've wanted to make a video dispelling the myths surrounding it so that's next on the slate. Stay tuned guys, thanks so much for all the support!

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