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Folding Stock Shock Absorbers

Yep, they're here and the first wave of them has been mailed out soon to reach SPAS 12 owners from across the country. Here's a quick video showing how to install them, what to expect, and why they're a better option than anything that has been previously available on the internet. They're big, they're ugly, but a better shock absorber hasn't been made and I stand by that. Check out the video then pick one up in the store! If they're currently unavailable I should add more on a weekly basis.

Holding them in your hand, as I said above, they're not that pretty, once you have them installed I think you'll find they just easily blend in to the finish and look like they belong there. It's one of the downsides of working with such a dense material, it retains air bubbles more than thinner, less robust materials, and it isn't terribly shiny, however if you watch the video you'll see why having a robust material will pay off. They shouldn't require any fitting, however if you think yours might, get a hold of me if you need instruction and I'll be happy to help.

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