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New Receiver Buffer Color

Hey guys! After receiving several requests I'm happy to announce that both old and new-style receiver buffers are now a highly visible blaze orange, allowing you to see your buffer without needing to disassemble your SPAS 12! There are now hundreds of SPAS 12 Project buffers in use all over the globe, and while there haven't been any reports of a single one failing, your SPAS 12 wasn't cheap and the extra peace of mind from knowing your buffer is in there protecting your investment is a great thing! While not immediately visible to detract from the menacing aesthetics of the SPAS 12, a simple tilt towards the sunlight and a glance through the cutaway on your receiver and the blaze orange will alert you that you're still in ship shape.

These are still made of the same durable impact-dampening polyurethane, and will remain the same price. To those of you who placed orders this evening, you will be receiving the blaze orange buffers and you should all have emails letting you know. There will also be another post or two this weekend so check back in for some new stuff over the next couple days!

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