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The SPAS 12...Get Hooked!

I tried coming up with a good title for Valentine's Day but I'm unfortunately not that clever. Anyway, there is a SMALL number of replacement hooks in the online store. The first batch was supposed to be larger, however an issue in the quality department (which sent me through several machinists) chewed up a lot of the original resources. The hook in the picture is one of the replacement hooks. These are carefully titled "replacement hooks" and not "replicas", they were bent using an entirely different process and as such the bends are not 100% identical to the original, but it does help keep the price low. They DO have a plastic cap, though it is not "F" marked, and they are finished in the same parkerization as the SPAS was. They will appear slightly lighter in color as the finish is not seasoned by decades of use, oxidation, and oil, however there are methods to darken it if you choose to do so. If you are reading this and missed out on these first hooks, I am very sorry! I have already ordered the next batch of materials. I'll set the time frame as 6 weeks out, which I really hope is an overestimation. I appreciate how many emails I've received wanting folks to hold one for them, but I hope you will respect that in fairness to everyone I will be listing them all on the online store. One of the foundations that this website was built on is that I will not take any money for items I do not currently have available and am ready to send out. If you want to be alerted by email of when the next batch has arrived, please comment on this post that you are interested and check "subscribe" and you will be alerted via email when replies are made to this thread (which I will do when the next batch is finished.) I want to add that I am absolutely humbled by the emails I've been receiving lately. The show of support for this tiny project has been nothing short of phenomenal! The Project is viewed by thousands of visitors each week and I have been working on some new content to keep everyone entertained, including a big article with the inner workings of a very special SPAS 12 that has never been seen before. I also updated the "Contribute" page with a new wish-list if anyone has some of the rarer accessories they can send pictures of. Also, I am not one of the young hip kids that fully understands the smart phone app "Instagram", but I will say that it makes posting upcoming items and fun SPAS 12 pictures very easy, and I admit I have been using it fairly often. If you would like to see some of the things that are being worked on and "behind the scenes" look at the SPAS 12 Project, search for the user "spas12project" and follow me!

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