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New Item and Update

The good folks at Sturdybilt saw the SPAS 12 Project gas-system cleaning video and appreciated the shout-out. Being shooters themselves they also agreed to let us carry a few pairs of their expanding pliers for those that would like a pair. They've been added to the store. Also added to the store are some replacement e-clips for your folding stock, they fit the butt-plate pivoting pin (#77), the stock hook (#84) or if you have a factory detachable stock, they'll fit the removable stock ring pin (#125). The option has also been added to include a couple with the order of a new Folding Stock Shock Absorber, since most people discover theirs are broken or missing when they replace that piece. Some visual updates have been made to the website, as well as the "Videos" section now doesn't redirect to YouTube, it is now it's own section and it's video has it's own page.

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