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Jurassic Jeep SPAS 12 Mount

Instagram user @Jurassi

cJeep17n54 detailed an install of a SPAS 12 mount inside his Jeep! Awesome work! He writes: I knew going in that when I was building my 1st Jurassic Jeep that I wanted to build another one. A better one. A version of the Jeep that I saw truly fit what badassery a Jp Jeep could be. A year an a half after JP-29s completion, I began work on JP-54. I knew what I wanted. Big tires, lift, steel bumpers, led light bars and to some how one integrate the worlds most iconic shotgun. None other than the SPAS-12. A true Symbol of modern weaponry. Muldoons sidekick through out the film. A must have for any JP fan. Once acquiring an airsoft version on the gun the hunt was on for the folding stock. Late December I stumbled across a real folding stock and didn't hesitate to pay the ridiculous price that it came with. Months later I devised how the gun could be mounted. With the help of Ebay and a police department auction I got the right lock and bracket to get me close to what I was trying to do. After modifying the bracket to fit the Spas unique shape I was in business. Here it is for you viewing pleasure.!

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