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New Article With VERY Early SPAS 12!

This has a few thanks attached to it, as it was originally submitted by Ben O. from while he was stationed outside of the US, and we did the best we could with working with the pictures that were sent however scans were going to give a little higher resolution. Neil Z. was able to track a copy down for us, so thanks very much to both of them.

Very interesting SPAS 12, notice it has the 18" barrel, but also a grip safety and a version of the lever safety not seen before. It's almost like a small switch. Knowing how difficult some lever safeties can be to activate/deactivate I wonder if the change to the style we're familiar with was made to increase the surface area for easier manipulation. The article isn't translated yet, but the pictures are great and show what is one of the earliest SPAS 12's we've seen.

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